Pricing / Insurance

Insurance Coverage:

At Thrive GI, we know that the key to creating treatment protocols that achieve superior outcomes is a thorough understanding of your symptoms and history.

We highly value the physician-patient relationship and know that time spent in counseling, teaching, and answering questions minimizes confusion and maximizes protocol effectiveness. The type of comprehensive and deep-acting medicine that we specialize in simply cannot be done with the time restrictions that many companies require. 

For these reasons, we only work with a few select insurance plans in Oregon and Washington. The current list of insurances that we work with are:

Primera Blue Cross


Pacific Source

Please call our office or schedule a free 15-minute consultation for more detailed information on potential insurance coverage.




Time of Service Discounted Fees: 

New Patient Comprehensive Intake (90 minutes): $350

This is longest and often the most important visit. The doctor will delve deeply into your health history, prior treatments tried, and gather a detailed description of your symptoms. Often, labs are ordered during this visit to further analyze your condition.

New Patient Focused Intake (60 minutes): $275

This is for patients with only one cheif concern, an acute health issue, or simple food intolerance testing without comprehensive analysis/treatment.

Extended Follow Up (45-60 minutes): $175

Extended visits are often useful during the beginning of treatment if there are a lot of labs to go over and treatments to discuss/begin. Visits with a large amount of time spent in dietary or general counseling also often fit into this category.

General Follow Up (25-44 minutes): $150

Most general follow ups will fit into this category.

Brief Follow Up (15-24 minutes): $100

Shorter appointment time for breif concerns.

Time Extensions

Time extensions past one hour will be billed at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes.

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Thrive GI is located in Vancouver, Washington and functions as a 100% telemedicine clinic. 
While many of our patients reside in the Vancouver / Portland Oregon metro area, we are licensed to see patients residing in any part of Washington, Oregon, or Arizona.