Patient Testimonials

“I’ve suffered from disruptive gastrointestinal and digestive medical issues for years. I’ve seen countless doctors, and have tried various treatments with little impact but significant costs. With previous doctors, I didn’t feel listened to or like I was a priority – one doctor told me that I should “learn to live with it.” Meeting with Dr. Nuckolls was such a revitalizing experience – there was such an intentionality in getting to know me and my story, and I felt cared for and respected. It felt refreshing that a doctor was genuinely invested in my health. Dr. Nuckolls was able to help me feel legitimate progress for the first time in years; I’ve been able to reclaim more joy and have been able to do more of the things I want to do without the interruption or interference from my gut. I’m so thankful to receive care from Dr. Nuckolls and would highly recommend her practice to others.” -DF, age 30

“I am so grateful for the treatment and care I experienced under Dr. Katie Nuckolls. With her expertise in digestive issues, this is the first time in years I am out of gut pain. Other medical doctors have tried to help me figure out my issues, but Dr. Katie is the only one who actually succeeded. She partnered with me, listening to my concerns and came up with a plan. She stuck with me, altering the plan as my symptoms improved. She made me feel valued and showed genuine concern for my health. I highly recommend Dr. Katie Nuckolls. Her gentle approach made my first experience with a naturopath a positively unforgettable one!” -MK, age 59

“Dr. Katie Nuckolls is one of the most empathetic and caring medical professionals I have ever worked with since my diagnosis of Celiac Disease in 2011.  Her full-body approach to healing and taking control over your health helped me to get on the road to my best health ever.  She is always willing to listen to her patients and research options until finding the best outcome possible.  If you have ever struggled with feeling as good as you think you should, Dr. Katie gets it and she will work to help you on your journey to better health. I absolutely recommend you reach out to her so she can help you feel better, too!” -JB, age 50

“I will just like to start by saying that I have benefited greatly by the care Dr. Katie Nuckolls provided me. She took the time to  listen and get to know me as a whole person, and she integrated this understanding into a very comprehensive and effective, yet practical, treatment plan.  I am forever grateful for her truly holistic approach!” -RG, age 6


“Dr. Katie Nuckolls is very knowledgable, thorough, and patient. Her knowledge of homeopathic preparations, vitamins, herbs and other natural health remedies is extensive and she seems to have an intuitive sense about working toward natural health. I came to her with a wide variety of problems, plus a desire to integrate our work with allopathic doctors that I was seeing. She was more than willing, and freely reached out to the other doctors. Together we’ve been able to reduce my dependence on some major allopathic drugs in favor of natural supplements and diet. In addition, Dr. Katie is kind and easy to talk to. She listens to the patient’s needs and addresses them directly. She is quick to explain why she recommends an action and I feel like we are working together for a mutual purpose. I am very grateful to work with Dr. Katie.” S -age 70

“Dr. Katie is great! She helped me realign my gut and balance my “borderline low” thyroid when western doctors just told me to “keep an eye on it” and get retested regularly. Same story every time for 20 years. Now with Armour every morning, I feel alive, have energy, my hair is growing back, my nails aren’t breaking and tearing. I don’t know how western medicine practitioners get away with the total lack of care and lack of concern. If you feel unheard, uncared for, go see Dr. Katie! She is very adept at asking the right questions and putting together the larger picture of your health to find an ideal treatment plan.” -TV, age 31


“Dr. Nuckolls has been an excellent provider for me. She is attentive and compassionate while knowledgeable and accurate in her recommendations. She is also incredibly down to earth and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her.” -EH, age 32


“Dr. Katie is a lifesaver. I have struggled with bouts of depression, anxiety and PTSD nearly all my life. Therapy was/is helpful but there was more going on biologically that caused my symptoms and episodes to rule my life and state of mind. Consuming toxic drugs was not an option I was willing to consider. I was in a state of despair and desperation when I first met with Dr. Katie. I cried throughout the entire session. She was compassionate, gentle, kind, honest, and understanding, but mostly, eager to help me find solutions. Her thorough examination and interview led us to homeopathic remedies that lifted my spirits. Other minor medical conditions improved as well. Dr. Katie and I continue to work as a team making adjustments to treatment as needed. Now I feel more optimistic and healthier than I can remember. Thank you Dr. Katie!” -AR, age 69

“Dr. Katie has helped me with so much! By using homeopathic and natural treatments, she’s helped me regulate my BP, eye allergy’s, digestive issues and so much more. She takes the time to listen and works to find the root of the problem. She doesn’t give a “bandaid” but truly cares about my health and well-being.” -CC, age 38