Nutritional Counseling

Food As Medicine:

 Most chronic gastrointestinal conditions require some level of dietary modification during treatment. For some patients, underlying food intolerances are the major underlying cause of the their symptoms. For others, certain dietary modifications may only be needed during the treatment period to accelerate healing. Our long-term goal for each and every patient is to improve vitality to the point where the least-restrictive diet possible is needed to maintain health. 

At Thrive GI, we specialize at analyzing complex intestinal cases and formulating individualized diets that are both therapeutic and manageable for patients to follow. We combine these diets with targeted and effective supplemental protocols to encourage healing in the fastest and safest way possible. 

Nutritional Therapeutics

Food Intolerance Testing

We offer accurate and expanded food intolerance testing. For many patients, food intolerance removal has a significant impact in reducing intestinal symptoms. Food intolerance testing is different than food allergy testing. The majority of food reactions that cause GI symptoms are not allergy (IgE) reactions, but are actually IgA and IgG food intolerance reactions. 

Therapeutic Diets

Food intolerance reactions are not the only type of food reactions that the body can have. Different intestinal conditions compromise the system in different ways, and we often need to make temporary dietary changes based on the condition in order to rest the tissues and allow for healing. 

Food Trials

Once symptoms have resolved, we teach patients how to perform food trials in a very specific and scientific manner. This allows patients to ease into a more “normal” diet over time, and also facilitates the development of a deeper understanding of their body’s individualized reactions to food.   

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