Naturopathic Services

We use an individualized approach with the goal of finding and adressing the root causes of disease. No treatment protocol is the same.

Lab Testing

Utilizing a blend of conventional and specialty labs offerings

Natural Pharmacy

Using researched, safe,  effective, and clinically-supported natural therapeutics

Mind-Body Medicine

Looking at the body as a complete whole and treating the important connection between mind and health

Nutritional Counceling

Providing personalized dietary recommendations that are specific to patient’s needs

Helping You Achieve Relapse-Free Results

Unlock Your Full Potential For Health

Creating a care plan that involve multiple “levels” of treatment is the key to long-term success in resolving chronic gastrointestinal conditions like GERD, SIBO, IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic constipation/diarrhea, etc. This is because there are often multiple contributors to the disease, with multiple organs affected.


What’s Different About Us?

We utilize a comprehensive and multi-system approach to health:

Chronic GI conditions are often due to more than one underlying cause, and they must be treated comprehensively in order to obtain positive outcomes and minimize potential for relapse.

We use a WHOLE BODY approach:

Chronic disease never occurs in just one organ system. We take the time to evaluate how your symptoms as a whole may be contributing to or affected by your GI condition. 

We offer extended appointment times so that we can understand you as a whole person and treat the underlying causes of your disease:

We don’t believe that root-cause healing can occur in a 15-minute time frame. It takes time to gather a thorough history, identify major contributors to disease, and analyze multiple organ systems. Taking this time is necessary to properly evaluate and treat you as a whole person. We make sure that necessary time is available for patients each and every visit.  

How Do I Get Started?

The best way to get all your questions answered is to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with the doctor online. This can be done through telemedicine (a “Zoom”-like HIPPA compliant video call) or telephone. Once you and the doctor agree to begin working together, we recommend you follow our step-by-step checklist to get ready for your visit:  

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation on our "Schedule Now" page

Confirm whether you would like to do this visit through phone or telemedicine. You may also call or email us to schedule appointments.   

Schedule your new patient appointment

You may schedule online, by phone, or using our convenient online scheduler.

Complete new patient paperwork

One you reserve your new patient appointment time, you will receive an email to join our online patient portal. In your portal, you will be directed to complete the new patient paperwork. This paperwork can be conveniently filled out online.

Check your insurance coverage

If you plan on using insurance, we will advise you on how to call your insurance to verify coverage. We do not verify insurance coverage before visits. 

Day of visit

Please bring copies of any recent lab results or imaging studies you have had done that are related to why you are seeking care. We can do a records request at the time of your visit as well, but it will take time for us to recieve results this way. 

Still Have Questions?