Lab Services


Comprehensive Lab Analysis


  • At Thrive GI, we utilize a variety of laboratory services based on patient’s needs. For general lab work that is covered by patient insurance, we work with Quest Laboratories. You may visit any local draw site, and Quest bills your insurance directly for payment.


  • For patients without insurance coverage,  we contract with a variety of local labs in Washington, Arizona, and Oregon that provide low-cost cash pay pricing structure.


  • Food intolerance testing is not covered by any patient insurance. We order food intolerance testing through US Biotek Labs. A test kit will be mailed directly to your house and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Results for this testing take about two to three weeks.


  • We also work with a variety of other specialty labs who offer testing for various hormonal, genetic, and immunologic imbalances. Please see listing below for our complete list of lab offerings:







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