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Celiac Disease

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Eosinophilic Esophagitis   

Why make the shift to a more holistic approach?

Personalized and comprehensive medical care: 

A combined and comprehensive approach is often necessary in order to completely resolve chronic gastrointestinal symptoms. This is why patients often obtain some improvement with singular treatments like antibiotics, antacids, food intolerance removal, or probiotics, but then later find their symptoms to return once again. Others find little to no improvement in symptoms at all with a singular treatment approach.

Plans that address the "root" cause of your symptoms:

Dr. Katie has found that creating plans that involve multiple "levels" of treatment are the key to long-term success in resolving chronic GI conditions. This is because there are often multiple contributors to the disease, with multiple organ systems affected. If we only treat one small portion of the problem, often the major underlying reasons why the disease was allowed to develop in the first place are completely un-addressed. 

Superior outcomes with less potential for relapse:

Complex gastrointestinal illness is becoming exceedingly more common in America. This is why we specialize in comprehensive, multi-level, and personalized treatment protocols for GI conditions. A treatment plan that takes into account not only the underlying causes of disease along with the disease itself has more potential for long-term success without repeated relapses over time. 

Find your balance, energy & ideal gastrointestinal health the natural way.

About Dr. Katie Nuckolls: 

Dr. Katie’s passion for treating gastrointestinal disease began when she was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions including Celiac Disease in her early 20’s. When conventional physicians told her that these diseases and their accompanying symptoms were permanent, she refused to accept it. After considerable research, she began treatment with a local naturopathic doctor. As her body began to heal, she knew she had found her passion and her ultimate purpose – to help others just the way that her naturopathic doctor had helped her. During her medical training, she had…

Naturopathic Services

Comprehensive Lab Analysis

We utilize a combination of conventional and specialty lab testing including food intolerance testing, hormonal, and nutritional testing as indicated. Conventional lab testing is often covered by the patient’s insurance plan. Dr. Katie is careful to select the most-indicated labwork needed to analyze your symptoms and find root causes while taking care to not increase your financial burden by ordering excessive tests. 

Natural Pharmacy

We use targeted herbal, nutritional, and homeopathic supplements that are indicated for your exact needs. With this approach, we find that medications that simply suppress symptoms can often be weaned off over time or avoided in the first place. While Dr. Katie can also prescribe conventional medication when indicated, her preference is to use natural methods to regain heath in the safest way possible.

Mind/Body Medicine

In certain cases, a major stress or trauma is the catalyst for a disease to begin. For other people, stress is simply one contributor to their symptoms but not the root cause. Treating the mind and body together in these cases often leads to significantly greater long-term success than when we focus on physical symptoms alone. 

Nutritional Counseling

While food choices are not the underling cause of every gastrointestinal disorder, dietary changes are often needed in either the short or long term to allow healing to occur. Dr. Katie is skilled at using laboratory analysis along with her extensive experience to guide patients through the complexities of dietary management of their gastrointestinal condition. Her end-goal of treatment is always to leave patients with the least restrictive diet possible once the underlying condition has resolved. 

“I am so grateful for the treatment and care I experienced under Dr. Katie Nuckolls. With her expertise in digestive issues, this is the first time in years I am out of gut pain. Other medical doctors have tried to help me figure out my issues , but Dr. Katie is the only one who actually succeeded. She partnered with me, listening to my concerns and came up with a plan. She stuck with me, altering the plan as my symptoms improved. She made me feel valued and showed genuine concern for my health. I highly recommend Dr. Katie Nuckolls. Her gentle approach made my first experience with a naturopath a positively unforgettable one!”

– MK, age 59

“The visit I had in November of 2019 changed my world, after just a few months I have more energy, my mind is clear and I feel so much better. Thank you for making such a difference in my life. Best thing I have done was making that first appointment.”

– PE, age 61

“Dr. Katie Nuckolls is one of the most empathetic and caring medical professionals I have ever worked with since my diagnosis of Celiac Disease in 2011. Her full-body approach to healing and taking control over your health helped me to get on the road to my best health ever. She is always willing to listen to her patients and research options until finding the best outcome possible. If you have ever struggled with feeling as good as you think you should, Dr. Katie gets it and she will work to help you on your journey to better health. I absolutely recommend you reach out to her so she can help you feel better, too!”

– JB, age 50

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